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Dhagpo Kagyu Berlin

Dharma Group Berlin

As a Berlin group we came together after the Easter Course in 2002.

The number of active members in the group has changed a lot overthe years, currently we are still around ten active members, but the distribution list, i.e. the number of interested parties, is significantly larger, and there has been and continues to be some new people.

Over the years, the lamas of the Dhagpo Kagyu Mandala initially visited us for individual weekend courses. Then the desire arose to study the Dharma thoroughly, and at our request the lamas Yeshe Sangmo and Sherab Palmo taught us systematically for several years as part of a curriculum. This was followed by teachings on mind training.

We meet regularly for the practice of Green Tara, the Tschenresig practice and the Milarepa-Tsog-Puja. For a number of years there has also been a study group that has taken and is taking place regularly, initially on the view, then on the Mahamudra Prayer, now on Bodhicaryavatara.

These activities take place in different apartments. Currently, the study group and the meditations – except for the tsog – are running on Zoom.

Information on practice appointments, etc. is sent via an e-mail distribution list, in which everyone interested is included.


Martin Hage