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Lift July 2022

Stuttgart – MÖhra – Stuttgart
Sunday, July 24
Friday, July 29
Contact: Anne Hooss
Phone +49 163 333 02 44

Lift May 2022

Möhra (or Germany) – Montchardon
Outward journey May 5 or 6
Return journey May 10
Contact: Lama Yangchen

Lift September 2021

Möhra – Stuttgart
Sunday, September 19
Contact: Anne Hooss
Phone +49 163 333 02 44

Lift August 2021

Möhra – Le Bost
between August 14 and August 19
Contact: Lama Tsültrim Wangmo
Phone +49 3695 85 81 27

Offer – Search

Room – 30 sqm – in Buddhist shared apartment in Freiburg for rent

We are looking for a flatmate with flat-sharing and meditation experience for our flat-sharing community in the Buddhist Centre Freiburg from 01.05.2022 or later.
The room is 30 sqm in size and on the 1st floor. The living area includes a shared kitchen, several bathrooms and toilets and a large dining and common room. Storage space is available in the basement and in the large bicycle garage.
The basic rent is Euro 456. There are currently Euro 81 in additional costs.

The flat-sharing community currently consists of 3 flatmates and 4 female flatmates.
Our house at Stadtstraße 7 is part of Freiburg’s city centre and only a few minutes’ walk from the cathedral. The pleasant old villa with a surrounding garden is a listed building.
On the ground floor there is a large meditation room, a library and other rooms for public use. On the 1st and 2nd floor are the rooms of the flat-sharing community.
We share the duties in the house (a few hours a month) and enjoy the many encounters with our meditation teachers, the Rinpoches and Lamas, as well as the meditators.