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Dharma Group Eschweiler

In Eschweiler near Aachen a small Dharma group is coming to life in the therapeutic practice rooms of Drubla Sven Collip and his wife. On Mondays there is regular «Dharma practice and study group». We alternate between meditation and the study of texts of masters of our lineage like Gendun Rinpoche and Shamar Rinpoche.

On special days during the year we practice Tschenresi or the Milarepa Guru Yoga with Tsok. Lamas from Möhra are invited at least twice a year.

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Praxis Collip
Dr. Dina Collip & Sven Collip
Dreiers Gärten 8
52249 Eschweiler
Phone: +49 / (0)2403 / 881 86 13