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Dharmagruppe Stuttgart


Dhagpo Kagyu Dharma Group Stuttgart

During frequent visits to courses in Dhagpo Kagyu Ling (Dordogne) since the late 1990s, we we have got to know Lama Yeshe Sangmo, Lama Sherab Palmo, Lama Walli and other Lamas there.

The Dhagpo Kagyu Dharma Group Stuttgart, which stands in the Karma Kagyu tradition, was founded in 1999. Since then we meet once a week in the evening for common practice. Main practice of these evenings are Chenrezig-Puja and Shine-Meditation. We also practice the Guru-Yoga of the 16th Karmapa once a week in the morning.

For those interested or new to the Dharma, there are additional dates with instructions on the basics and meditation.
A study group meets every two weeks to review, explain and explore Dharma texts in detail.

We do not have a permanent center, but meet in our «private gompas» for weekly practice. For Dharma events and Lama visits we rent suitable rooms depending on the size of the event. This freedom and flexibility is a basis for us to deepen our practice and to be a very familiar group.

(During future corona restrictions, the programme continues without interruption in our zoom gompa.)

Interested people and newcomers are always welcome!

From the beginning we have invited Lamas from the Dhagpo-Mandala to give weekend courses here with us. Every Lama visit and each course is a huge gift for us. Since then Lama Yeshe Sangmo, Lama Sherab Palmo, Lama Drubtschog Wangmo, Lama Lodro Thaye, Lama Dorje Drolma, Lama Yangchen, Lama Tashi Andreas, Lamas Gerd and Kerstin, Lama Djangchub, Lama Walli and Lama Sonam, who is in the long-term retreat in Le Bost, have visited us in Stuttgart for teachings.


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Dharma Group Andrea Wild | Stuttgart-Vaihingen

Once a month,Chenrezig-Puja takes place on Fridays in Stuttgart-Vaihingen. For further information please contact Andrea Wild (see contact).


Andrea Wild
D – 70565 Stuttgart
Phone: +49 / (0)711 / 470 84 82 | +49 / (0)177 / 495 98 25