H.H. the 17th Gyalwa Karmapa –
varying inspirations and thoughts

We don’t have to take on the burden of trying to predict the future.
The mysterious nature of the future can’t be grasped in any way.
The future will always remain in the future.
Therefore, we can only rely on predictions and take precautions.

It’s even meaningful to look into the future then.
To see that the future is uncertain and mysterious.
We then dare to look into it without any decision, meaning without worry.
This concept of the future is a mirror to the past.
Thinking of what has happened already stimulates wonder.
That’s the future.

Obviously our eyes and sensory doors can’t see the past or the future.
Only our conceptual mind can.
Time is a concept, and only conceptual means can perceive concepts.

If we understand that, we can come to realise that concepts don’t really have much to do with reality.
Yet, daring to use concepts to look at reality can be seen as the most human thing to do.

What is human?
Is it this body?
Is this external and internal environment human?
Obviously not.

Humanness is a force of nature that desperately tries to relate to reality or life with concepts like time.
This attempt is neither good nor bad.
That’s just how humans are.
But if we view this human pattern in a caring way, we can find unimaginable beauty – humans are trying to do something that can never be done: we are trying to fix life by using concepts.

Picking up the courage to witness that – that is a spiritual practice.

So practice.

Thaye Dorje
His Holiness the 17th Gyalwa Karmapa


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